Cheese pairing

A pre-dinner treat

There is nothing better than a special mid-week indulgence. To make yours memorable, pair our North Holland Creamy Mild cheese with fresh cucumber, sun-ripened tomatoes and a slice of mildly spicy bresaola. Serve with a light red wine with fruity notes. A Fleuri from Beaujolais is perfect match.

- NH Creamy Mild Gouda
- Fresh cucumber
- Sun-ripened tomatoes
- Braesola
- Arugula (Rocket)
- Sticks for skewering

To serve: Slice some creamy mild gouda, layer on a slice of Braseola and top with some cucumber, greens and sun ripened tomatoes. Gently roll and pierce with a skewer.

A festive Christmas party

To add the perfect sparkle to your Christmas table pair our Noord Holland Creamy Spicy Gouda with gingerbread, pear jam and cardamom seeds and serve with a glass of fruity semi dry champagne

- NH Creamy Spicy Gouda
- Gingerbread
- Orange Marmalade
- Cardemon seeds
- Fruity, semi-dry champagne

To serve: Cut the cheese and bread into star shapes (a cookie cutter can serve as a guide), layer the cheese onto the bread, add a dollop of the orange marmalade and sprinkle with 3 cardemon seeds.

New Years sparkle

For a proper way to end the year why not go all out and create some magic with the Holland Maater Rubix cube. Serve with a glass of white porto and say cheers to the year in style!

- Holland Master Nettle Gouda
- Holland Master Hot Chili Gouda
- Holland Master Belle Blanche
- Holland Master Creamy Mild Gouda
- Gingerbread

To serve: Cut blocks of around 1cm x 1cm of the cheese and bread and stack in layers of 9 blocks.